Will you take me as I am? Will you?

Will you take me as I am? Will you?

Image captured from the move Wild. “Will you take me as I am? Will you?”

I don’t always like social media. Which is odd for me, as I seem to always be checking Twitter or Facebook… Lately I have even been jumping onto LinkedIn a few times a day.


Maybe it’s because my job pushes me onto social media so often that I just get tired of it. Or perhaps it is because I know that I have lost many productive hours meaninglessly scrolling away… Yeah, I think that is the one.

All that said — today I really LOVE social media. Why? Because while I was drifting away into one of my unproductive hours, I stumbled upon something really great. A friend of mine had shared a post on her wall that really made me love social media because it challenged me. I am so happy that I was wasting time because it put words and framework to some of the thoughts I have been having about gender roles and our identities. I want to share some joy. And some hard thoughts to process.

Check out this post by Kate Wallace about egalitarianism, manhood, womanhood, and oh yeah, John Piper. Be challenged.