Ben, Karin and our Newfoundland mix, Grizzly

I am a thirty-something South African born American citizen raised in the Midwest, living in Chicago, seeking the Lord’s will, knowing I don’t know enough to get it all right, while knowing I know the One who does. And I have two awesome large breed dogs, Grizzly and Zola.

While I am only one person, I have recognized the importance of speaking up when something must be said. I learned about obstetric fistula’s in an article in Christianity Today. I was immediately angered, deeply saddened, and motivated to do something. However, life was busy and I didn’t think I was able to do something meaningful. Well, life is still busy, but I am tired of doing nothing.

I spent the last decade of my life in marketing and communications at a liberal arts college, but here I go embarking on something new, global health advocacy with a tilt towards women and gender equity.

I graduated from Sterling College with a bachelor of arts degree in communications and an interdisciplinary degree in societal justice. I went on to complete a masters of arts in organizational leadership from Eastern University. I am currently pursuing a certificate in global health from Johns Hopkins University and a masters of public health, health communications emphasis at The George Washington University. The husband and I are living in North Lawndale, Chicago learning about relocation, reconciliation and redistribution based on the CCDA’s philosophy of community development.