I saw this video a couple weeks ago.

It hurt. Today it circled back into my newsfeed, and it still hurts. Some of the comments I have read in response are encouraging: “How terrible” “How upsetting” “Absolutely sickening!” “This is painful to watch!”

Other comments frustrated me: “Brush it off.” “There will always be nasty people out there…” “I’m pretty sure both genders get treated like this…”

Sadly, those are the exact comments that grant a level of acceptability to that behavior, allowing things like this to continue. Those comments missed the point. While the above comments also mentioned how terrible those words are – and I can appreciate that – they were drenched in naivety. Naivety of what exactly those comments is what #MoreThanMean is bringing to light.

Yes, we all need to develop thicker skins. We need to learn that people will say mean things and we need to find a way to not believe everything people say and take things so personally when they are just internet comments. Yes, there will always be nasty people out there. But that doesn’t mean we should just let things like this happen.

Yes, all people can get treated badly. But this video is showing us extreme and violent hatred directed specifically at women for just being women.

This video shows how cruel people can be, but even more, how we need to bring into the light this evil. We need to stand up and show people that this shouldn’t be tolerated. And it seems people harness the power of the internet and type things they normally wouldn’t say in person. This anonymity is a dangerous thing and we can’t accept this behavior. We can’t dismiss it and “brush it off” by just acknowledging nasty people are out there. Because this is #MoreThanMean, it is gender-based violence.

So what do we do? How can we stand against tweets and comments that are #MoreThanMean?

I think it starts with not accepting mean as okay, not accepting mean as the norm. By recognizing that gender-based discrimination, assault, and violence is rampant, and must be stopped.

And there are many ways we can combat that- through the legislative process, through advocacy efforts, through learning more about gender-based discrimination, by supporting and empowering those who have experience #MoreThanMean.

On a more personal level, I think we can make sure we show more love in our everyday lives. Let’s not accept this behavior by standing up for those who have experienced #MoreThanMean. Let’s go back to a place where we love more than we hate. And then let’s love some more. Let’s show more love than frustration. Let’s drench the world with love. Let the world see our love, hear our love, and feel our love. Because “this is how everyone will recognize that we are His disciples – when they see the love we have for each other.”

Unconditional love is not logical. It doesn’t make sense. When people wrong us, we want to get even and fire back equal, if not greater, pain. But that doesn’t give life. That doesn’t restore. So how can we fight #MoreThanMean? #MoreLove


People PLEASE.

boss-fight-free-high-quality-stock-images-photos-photography-woman-wall.jpgI have stayed mostly quiet about Target’s decision to allow transgendered persons to use the bathroom with which they self identify. If you care to read something on that issue, read my husband’s commentary on his blog and discuss with him your thoughts.

That said, I am SICK and TIRED of all the conversations centered around little girls being vulnerable and in need of protection. Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty mentioned it. Ted Cruz mentioned it. Nearly every single conversation I have read about the bathroom issue comes down to “how would you feel if your little girl was in the bathroom and a man came in?” And without getting into personal beliefs on the issue, can we all do one another a favor and STOP bashing females while conversing and debating?


No matter where you fall on the issue, we are leaving little boys out of the conversation. And by doing so, we are belittling our daughters.

Because last I knew, molesters and pedophiles swing both ways.

Every time we focus just on little girls, we are teaching our children that females are the weaker, lesser sex. Each time we let our words focus just on vulnerability of females, we show our girls that they are not as strong as boys.

But the truth is, they are. They are JUST as strong. And just as vulnerable to the world’s struggles. Because evil doesn’t pick sides, or gender, or gender identity. Evil builds on evil. So let’s stop letting gender discrimination build on its own evil and gain more power. Stop limiting our girls by telling them they need to be coddled and put into glasshouses. Girls and boys are equal. Boy and girls are BOTH EQUAL, and should be treated as such. So include them both in your conversation. Treat them as equal…because God made them as such.