End the NOW is dedicated to supporting the thousands of women impacted by hundreds of years of neglect. Created in order to bring awareness, End the NOW seeks to bring wholeness and healing to women by bringing to light the wrong and advocating for the right. The topics on this site are only a few of the many different forms of neglect facing women each day.

Obstetric Fistula: Overcoming Obstetric Fistula feeds into UN’s Millennium Development Goal #5  of improving maternal health. Women, one of the world’s most vulnerable demographic, are most susceptible to OF when combined with malnutrition, young childbearing age, poverty and/or poor access to proper health. Of the one to two million women suffering from OF, only 20,000 are treated each year through an operation costing between $300 – $400.

Female Genital Mutilation: It is estimated that an additional 30 million women will join the 125 million suffering from the harmful act of FGM. A terrible instance where the external genitalia are cut and sown based on social norms founded in various religious or cultural reasons. A global effort is taking place to work against this horrendous act. While illegal in many of the countries performing FGM, prosecution is often missed as FGM is deeply engrained in the ethos of these people groups.

Gender Equity in the Workplace: Coming soon.